Vacheron Constantin Retrograde Tourbillon – great and probable

Vacheron Constantin Cabinotier Retrograde Armillary Tourbillon – amazing beauty retrograde watches with spherical tourbillon. Not long ago, the top three Vacheron Constantin watchmakers presented the most complicated watch in the world - Reference 57 260 with fifty-seven functions, mainly represented the first time.

Now the trio presented Retrograde Armillary Tourbillon, marked with Geneva Seal, with two stunning complications - double retrograde display and a spherical tourbillon. Movement with a delightful finish framed by 18k white gold case with a diameter almost forty-six millimeters. The creators of the new masterpiece is in no hurry to prodat-shveycarskiye-chasi watch, as they presented a unique piece.

The novelty has four patents for innovations. Watch as part of the collection Maitre Cabinotier, demonstrate the greatest achievements of the Swiss watch manufacture in the world of precise time measurement. Methods of finishes, available for masters of the VC, are true signs of excellence.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Air-King – the legend of aviation

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Air-King – watches that were created for explorers of the sky. In the 1930s of the last century aviation was born, and Rolex manufacture worked closely with this sphere. In the period of rapid development of aircraft were set new records in the conquest of the sky, expanded technical capabilities, was increased the duration of flight, pilots overcame new distance.

Outstanding pilots, among whom was an Englishman, Charles Douglas Barnard, very fond of Oyster watches. Design and function of the early Rolex Oyster is ideally suited for the needs of aviation. Watches were in a great demand.

The researchers of Houston expedition used the Oyster during the first flight over Everest in 1933. The route from London to Melbourne was covered in the shortest possible time, on the board of the twin-engine aircraft De Havilland Comet was used Chronometer Rolex Oyster. Fans of vintage watches can try their luck to find the old models in watch pawnshops.